It’s a Day for the Dogs

It’s a day for the dogs.

Zonked-out dogs lying all around me after an hour of active vigilance, guarding and protecting me from the invaders. A neighbor banging on my door tells me he has been chasing a man who broke into a house blocks away, just moments earlier. “He’s in your yard!” The burglar was just seen jumping the fence into the yard of the home I’m house-sitting, with police and helicopters in hot pursuit.

With police at the front door, their cars up and down the street, I decide to enjoy my cup of coffee that I’d left sitting on the kitchen counter, after securing the doggie door so the dogs wouldn’t get caught in the fray. Just stay indoors, keep the dogs inside. I hear the amplified voice from the helicopter telling people to stay in their homes. The police are working on it.

The Phoenix K9 support did the job. One of the dogs found the guy, who jumped the fence here, into the neighbor’s yard. “Took a bite out of him, did his job,” the officer told me just moments ago. He assures me all is safe now, big smile on his face, proud of the brave dog.

Shaken a bit, the tears in my eyes right now are less about what has just transpired than about the desire to have trusting and positive relationships that work with our law enforcement officers. I know we are feeble and flawed as humans, but we are at our best when we work together and community holds us in a safe space.



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