I started a project in the undergraduate intercultural communication class I teach at Arizona State University called “Humans of ASU” which was wildly successful with the students and inspired me to embark on this project this year during my visit to Marfa for the 2018 Marfa Film Festival (MFF).

I wanted to support my dear friend and outrageously powerful and creative woman, Robin Lambaria, the founder and director of the MFF, as well as to commemorate the town where my father, Alexander R. González, who sat as district judge in the courthouse in the photo, and where he used to let me travel solo at ages 15, 16, 17, by bus on my way  to Mexico. Dad, Robin…this is for the two of you, and all the people of Marfa.

It’s the people of Marfa as much as the place that make it what it is.  So I write this as I prepare to journey into the land of my heart yet again, to capture the images and spirit of the People of Marfa and the MFF.*




*All images and text to be used in this project will be gathered with informed consent, and the names are withheld to maintain the powerful style of the original Humans of New York  project which inspired me to do this work, as well as to provide a level of confidentiality in an otherwise very public project. Thank you.  -Amira de la Garza

Photo taken by Donald Munro, April, 2009, Marfa, Texas.