If You Choose to Believe in Hell, Don’t Force the Lies on the Rest of Us

On the day before Passover, and as the Easter weekend begins, as almost literally, “all hell is breaking loose” about the literate Pope’s statement concerning hell (that destabilizes all the hegemonic B.S. about hell that has tormented souls for almost 2000 years), here’s an interesting article that was published in 2011 in the Catholic Reporter: https://www.ncronline.org/…/eco-catholic/debunking-myth-hell , that can put out those fires of dismay being set everywhere. This is not news–it’s a repeatedly denied reality, with institutions, cultures, and individuals preferring to believe in the contrived myths.

Holding on to something like this, especially when the record has always held the facts of this highly political religious creation, is insane. We are at a moment in history when people are being made to choose between what is clearly fiction and lies, and the complicated uncomfortable ambiguities of what is truth. We have ,at least for this technologically supported moment, the capacity to investigate and study, to read, and discover things we otherwise would have to spend even years to find. In many ways. The reasons we hold on to dangerous fictions that hurt others are never good.

Live with hell if you wish, but don’t invite the rest of us to join you.

Leaving the narrow spaces.


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