What Would Herod Do?

Nothing like a little religious certainty to make them throw out the golden rule. And I’m sure many members of the American Congress believe that God helped them write that bill to get rid of health care for the poorest and most ill, the aged and frail…just like God wanted the inquisition, hunting down midwives as witches, torturing of indigenous peoples, slaughtering of infidels, hoarding of treasures of the victims of genocide… ever think perhaps there’s something flawed to the model of faith that causes one to violate every ethic of decency in which they “believe?” Tribalism is just too strong an impulse. That, greed, and a historically recurring sadistic sense of superiority, an equal opportunity human inclination.

Then again, maybe they thought the protagonist was Herod.18301445_10212942491659099_2627345320884539795_n


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