Why Jorge Ramos is the First Person I’d Like Breaking the Rules in My World

When your words disrobe the emperor, suddenly the #politicsofturntaking become the self-righteous way to avoid admitting there’s a bigger picture.

As press conferences began to be disciplined in the Reagan era,  the gag on serious investigation and interrogation of our leaders began to be pulled tight on journalists.  Who the hell cares if Miss Manners approves?

We’ve been granted the freedom of the press so that the unwanted questions could not only be asked,  but their answers reported so citizens will not be  duped or manipulated by inquisitional, imperial, fascist and economically controlling factions and individuals.  We’ve come to accept the control of the press to such an extent that those who ask hard questions,  insist, and push are now disciplined by people who don’t even read the news or know much about what’s going on.  And that,  my friends, is a dangerous, very dangerous state of affairs.

What the person answering the questions wants to do or say other than answer questions,  is not the function of a press conference.  The reporters aren’t “in class,” invited to high tea, or chatting at a polite reception. A press conference isn’t a place to gather the pre-selected soundbites chosen by a candidate or official. The closer we get to that,  the more we’re watching the construction of propaganda.

The more reporters attempt to avoid that which will keep them from being invited to the party,  the less they are likely to think,  to critique, and to share with US, what we otherwise wouldn’t know.  Jorge Ramos may not have followed the rules,  but the rules he didn’t follow should be broken. Again and again and again. And no reporter should stay in line. #vivalaprensa

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