A Call to Action in Arizona

Please read and share widely–a violent officer of the law continues to assault innocent citizens based on racist contempt.  Read the details below, as well as the instructions for how to help out.

You may download the details in a pdf form here : CALL TO ACTION

In January 2015, Arizona State University (ASU) filed a Notice of Intent to Terminate Officer Stewart Ferrin following an administrative investigation that outlined a history of noncompliance and misconduct streteching from Mr. Ferrin’s time at the academy to his employment with ASUPD (report attached). The notice, which cited “resistance to sound supervisory counseling, coaching, and instruction” and “lack of good judgment and discretion” as chief reasons for Ferrin’s termination, followed a high profile case in which Officer Ferrin was videotaped assaulting and unlawfully arresting Arizona State University Professor, Ersula J. Ore in May 2014. 22564_Officer-Stewart-Ferrin-p.jpg (700×629)

Ferrin avoided termination in 2015 by resigning from ASUPD, and was hired as an officer with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office where his history of assault and battery has been allowed to continue. He has been employed with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office for approximately 8 months, within which time 2 people have come forward with complaints of assault.

In September 2017 Officer Ferrin assaulted motorist, Oliver Muwamba, a black man and his toddler, during a traffic stop in San Tan Valley, Arizona. Mr. Muwamba was pulled over for simple speeding, yet was told by Officer Ferrin that “you people” cause problems. Mr. Muwamba, who feared for his life and the life of his two-year old son, was beaten after being forced to exit the car under the influence of a taser pointed by Officer Ferrin. Ironically enough, Officer Ferrin claimed in his police report that Mr. Muwamba was under the influence of alcohol, however, Mr. Muwamba was never investigated for DUI by any of the responding backup officers, their superiors, or even officer Ferrin himself. Mr. Muwamba denies any allegation that he was driving intoxicated as he had just finished work and picked his son up from daycare. In fact, a 911 call made by an uninvolved witness who was concerned for Mr. Muwamba confirmed that Mr. Muwamba was not aggressive toward Officer Ferrin.

In November 2017 Officer Ferrin assaulted and arrested Mr. Thom Petteruti, an Italian Amercian, during a traffic stop in Cave Creek. Officer Ferrin’s pursuit of Mr. Petteruti was reckless and endangered other motorists as he tracked Mr. Petteruti through two lights and forced him to cross over four lanes of traffic to handcuff him, rummage through his car, and finally let him go without a citation or explanation for being arrested. Mr. Petteruti said he was unclear as to why Officer Ferrin stopped him, but that the pursuit and stop were alarming and distressing; he thought Officer Ferrin was under the influence of drugs.

In addition to his history of violence, poor judgement, and selective enforcement, the 2015 external investigation reported that Officer Ferrin had assaulted 7 people in the course of his 2-year employment at ASUPD. 2 years of employment and 7 assaults with one department, and 2 assualts within the first 8 months of employment with another department smacks of a dangerous pattern that cannot be allowed to continue. Pinal County’s decision to hire Ferrin despite his history is criminally negligent and places innocent people in the path of a reckless and lethal force. Such action only emboldens and further sanctions Ferrin’s potentially deadly behavior, which in turn dooms us to repeat history. Let’s not let that happen. Let’s keep Ferrin from assaulting another person or worse, taking someone’s life. Ferrin is not an officer of the law, he is a bully with a badge and a gun. He is unfit to serve and protect and can no longer be permitted to police.

If any members of the public have been witness to or vitims of Officer Ferrin we encourage them to contact me and be active in stopping history from repeating itself. Ferrin has had a chance to reform. His repeat offense and Pinal County’s depraved indifference maintain that Ferrin is unfit to serve and protect and that Pinal County Sheriff’s Office needs to be held accountable for aiding and abetting a serial offender.

#Ferrinfired #unfittoserveandprotect #Ferrinmustgo

(1) Please share this statement widely among your various networks and communities. Please help me stop at least one of them…please.

(2)Please send a letter of complaint to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office as well as the Board of Supervisors of Pinal County. Stewart Ferrin is unfit to serve and protect. We need to do everything we can to get his right to carry revoked, to get him on the Brady List, and to ensure that he never gets a job in law enforcement or security ever again.

Pinal County Sheriff
Sheriff Mark Lamb, Mark.Lamb@pinalcountyaz.gov

Members of Pinal County’s Board of Supervisors:

You can also send a letter of complaint to:
Sheriff Mark Lamb
971 N Jason Lopez CIrcle
Building C
PO Box 867
Florence, AZ 85132


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